New exhibition at Vill’Art

Just at the end of the first weekend (of two) of the Vill’Art exhibition for 2022 (the first since the start of the pandemic). Vill’Art is an opportunity for artists living in Villars-sur-Glâne in Switzerland to display some of their work, so it is a joint exhibition for about 30 artists, hosted over three floors in the renovated library building. I was told to expect about 2m of wall space, but in the end had a corner of the room on the top floor. I chose to show mostly images of the Sarine river at Hauterive which is only a few km away.

It was the opening event on Friday evening, with lots of visitors, with a steady stream continuing over the weekend. Lots of compliments and questions about technique, especially “are they watercolours?”!

Sarine at Hauterive, 2021

Nice also to meet and discuss with the other artists during the exhibition, which continues from thursday to this coming sunday. All in all a good experience.