A new book of images called The Still Dynamic will be published by Mallerstang Magic Press in 2021.   More information can be found on The Still Dynamic Book page. Go to the SHOP menu item to order online  

Five books of images from Mallerstang are now available at the Blurb publish on demand site.   Some are available in both large and small format versions.  Go to www.blurb.co.uk  to see the full set or click on the direct links below.

The titles are:

               Mallerstang Magic (2011)[find it here]

             Mallerstang in Mono (2011) [find it here]

              Mallerstang in Panorama (2012)[find it here]

              On top of the world on the edges of Mallerstang (2020) [find it here]

              Mallerstang in Winter (2021) [find it here]

All pages can be previewed in the books on screen. Mallerstang Magic, Mallerstang in Mono and Mallerstang in Panorama are available in both large and small formats