Monochrome Landscape Books

There are three recent books of landscape images in monochrome.

These are Falling Waters, Landscapes from Black to White and Intimate Landscapes from Black to White.

The first concentrates on waterfalls and flowing water in 5×4 format. Although primarily produced from digital images it arose from a continuing project to make images of waterfalls using 5×4 film.

The other two books are both in 6×12 format, and resulted from revisiting past images after the purchase of a new 6×12 120 film camera. They both start with dark low key images and progress to bright high key images.

Like the sequence of Mallerstang books, all three are available on the publish on demand site and may be viewed in their entirety using the Preview option at no cost. The print prices are for the printing only, no element of profit has been added! A much cheaper pdf of each book can also be purchased. Links to each book can be found below.

Falling Waters (2023) [Find it here]

Landscapes from Black to White [Find it here]

Intimate Landscapes from Black to White [Find it here]