Black in the Landscape

Inspired by seeing the black abstracts of Pierre Soulages in Montpellier last year, and the previous article on landscape photos in infrared, a new article has appeared in On Landscape with the title Black in the Landscape.

The article can be found here. A comment from Alexandre Wesche suggests some landscape photographers who have made creative use of black in their images: Peter Schlör, Michael Lange and Awoiska van der Molen.

Soulages was able to use the thick layers of black paint in his paintings as a means of projecting light. This is clearly much more difficult in a photographic print limited to a 2D plane. However, the photographer can make use of a pure black (e.g. for monochrome in the zone system of Ansel Adams and Fred Archer) even if pure black is rare in the landscape.

Black in the landscape: silage bales, Mallerstang, Cumbria