Panta Rhei (Everything Flows) PDF Version

Panta Rhei (Everything Flows) PDF Version

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Panta Rhei is a new book of water images published by the Mallerstang Magic Press in 2022. The Greek phrase Panta Rhei, translated as Everything Flows, is an aphorism used as a short summary of the concepts of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus but here serves as an homage to the International Association of Hydrological Sciences which has its centenary in 2022, and which for the last decade has had a programme of research with the same name dealing with the multifaceted interactions between hydrology and society.

The book has much the same format as The Still Dynamic (20x25cm portrait, 114p, 94 images, with 170g silk paper, and dust jacket) but this time will be an unnumbered edition. As with the first volume, all the profits will be donated to the charity WaterAid that does great work in trying to improve the supply of drinking water and the treatment of waste waters in developing countries.

This is the PDF version that can be downloaded directly on purchase.